†† photos by Alan Studley c. 2002

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My name is Ron Micjan.I have been alive since 1964 and diving since 1998, not a long time in years, but I have logged over 500 dives in that time.I spend quite a bit of time learning from other more experienced divers than myself and in classes with the goal of filling my own lust for knowledge.A personality test I once took revealed that the driving force in my life is curiosity, yup, that about nails it. Almost all of my diving is conducted in the warm balmy waters of the Puget Sound in the Northwest corner of the United States near Seattle, Washington.Yeah the balmy part was stretching the truth a bit.Our average water temp is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, I think thatís about 6 C and our visibility is considered awesome when you can see 50 feet under water.


My professions include:Small business owner of a company that sells, installs and services electronic systems for motor vehicles.Alarm, remote start, audio, electronic surveillance, mobile office, emergency equipment and marine electronics.I am also a USCG licensed Captain and work for Sea\\Tow in Ilwaco Wa. Towing boats and assisting mariners on the Columbia river bar and offshore.

A word on philosophy:

I believe in doing the best one can at whatever endeavor you choose to participate in.I believe in taking responsibility for ones own actions.The couple of items I market on this website are capable of causing injury to the user or bystanders even if used in the manner intended.Nothing can be completely safe, no matter what efforts one may put into making it so.I make very little money off of the things I sell, mostly it is to help with the costs of providing this website, and taking an occasional dive trip.Please be careful using any piece of dive equipment, whether you have ordered it from me, or your favorite dive shop.We want nothing more than for every diver to come back from every dive with a smile on their face and a feeling of awe in their heart from the things we have experienced in the underwater realm.I dive, just to get that feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing something difficult, adventurous, and that not very many people can, exploring the portion of our planet that is normally denied to air breathing animals.That, and the interaction with organisms that cannot possibly come above the waves to visit us, are my true motivators to continue diving.I feel privileged to be a visitor to Cousteauís Silent World.Take only pictures, leave only bubbles, and not many of those.


I have published this website and all its contained information, pictures, descriptions and tales, for the expressed purpose of sharing the world of Rebreather diving with as many people as possible.I receive many emails, phone calls, and even a nice gift (thanks Edmund), from visitors to this site.Some have questions, or want advice, others have critical comments, or suggestions, and still others express thanks for the info they have gleaned.I welcome all of them.Please keep them coming.If you have a specific topic you would like more information on, drop me a note, I will do what I can.If I cannot answer your question, chances are I know someone who can and will gladly refer you.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me with content for this site, whether you let me take pics of your gear, showed me hospitality while away from home, or graciously allowed me to use your pictures.A few are:Alan Studley, Marty Steinberg, Pete Gillis, Kent Cedola, Luke Inman, Markus Fant, Bruce Partridge, Gordon and Kim Smith, Mike and Mary Anne Lever, Wendy Atkinson, David Morrison, Dave Hancock, Nick Jewson, Kevin Gurr, Curt Bowen, Berkley White, Stefan Bisier, Leon Scamahorn, Steve Stolen, Joe Dituri, Phil and Kim Sammet, and many others my tired brain cannot remember right now, please forgive me if your name should be here and I have failed to mention you.


Remember, excellence is not a destination that you arrive at.It is the benchmark for your journey.Dive Safe.




I can be reached via snail mail at

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Beavercreek, Oregon USA



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ron (at) tmishop (dot) com


This website is entirely (with exceptions of some credited photos and the article written by Kevin Gurr) my writings and construction and is copyright Ron Micjan 2003-2007.If you are going to distribute, or copy any of this material, please credit me or better yet, send folks to the website to see for themselves.Please do not copy any credited photos without the permission of the artist.Any questions, comments or rude remarks should be directed to me.My internet provider is Internet Partners of Hillsboro, Oregon, they can be contacted at www.ipinc.net.This website was constructed using Microsoft Word and uploaded with WS_FTP available from www.ipswitch.com.I highly recommend Vuepro as a digital photo viewing software, available from www.hamrick.com.My legal council is the law firm of Dewey, Cheetam, and Howe.



Photo by Wendy AtkinsonAgamemnon Channel 2003 returning from 300fsw


Gearing up for a spectacular 200 fsw night dive off of Senasis Island.Photo by Marty Steinberg 2004.


††A day in the life of a SEA TOW captain on the Columbia River.Awesome work if you can get it. This is one of the good days, the bad ones might include diving under a sunk boat attaching lift bags when a passing boat rocks the dock and the sunk boat pounds your guts into the silt at the bottom of the river, or coming up in a pool of gasoline and getting a dose in your mouth, during an ice storm and barfing your guts out for the next 5 minutes, or, well, you get the pictureÖ: )Its better than the nicest cubicle I have ever seen.